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The coating process is achieved in our workshop, and is based on the highest standards, ensuring a high level of finish and product durability. With the passing of time the time the selection of products and processes have been “refined” to reach the current quality level. The coating, in addition to giving a good visual appearance, is a key aspect for the durability of the product. For this reason, great attention is always dedicated to this production phase.

The LIFE brand, awarded by the European Community to the range of biocomponent water-based coatings used at BG Legno, has awarded the “Environmen Friendly and durable development” shown by ICA, aimed at air pollution reduction. ICA has always been sensitive to environmental issues, and for this reason, in recent years, it has worked hard in the development of water-based coatings. Today the range of products available is capable of meeting any request.

Verniciatura serramenti
Verniciatura finestre

All products are exclusively painted with water-based paints. This increases the quality of the work in this production phase. The protection from fungi and parasites is ensured by applying an impregnating substance, with no need to repeat this operation in the following years. It is important that the impregnating substance is colored, as iron oxides are used as pigments, and this reduces the absorption of solar radiation. The finishing cycle is vital to reduce the absorption of moisture in the wood and to give it a nice shine, enhancing the fine lines of its design.
The primary aims of the LIFE program are the control and reduction of various forms of pollution through the use of clean technologies. The project ICA, the only one to be awarded in the field of painting products, has proved to work efficiently in the reduction of emissions in the atmosphere of volatile organic solvents (VOS).

Doors and windows maintenance

Cleaning your doors and windows regularly is a priority, as it allows to keep the beauty of wood unchanged for a long time. A periodic cleaning is a simple operation to perform at least three / four times a year. If the surface or the wood is attacked by dust or other dirty substances, first wash it with Fast Cleaner, then rinse it thoroughly and finally dry it with a cloth. Later on spray EASY COAT directly on the surface and dry it with a microfiber cleaning cloth to complete the absorption. Fast Cleaner and EASY COAT are specific ICA detergents.

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