Hi-Tech painting of our windows

Our innovative painting system before the assembly allows a significant increase in resistance to biological and atmospheric attacks. The painting of the individual components separately and not assembled allows the paint treatment to penetrate the internal parts of the window, which are often the points mainly attacked. This system practically eliminates maintenance from our products and has a high ecological value due to the total absence of glues and formaldehyde.

The quality of coating on single components

Every single component of the windos frame is painted before assembling the product. This is a unique mode, as normally windows are covered after being assembled, leaving the field to possible infiltrations and cracks in the interstices and natural joints where the wood is not adequately protected by paint. The automated robot application guarantees a homogeneous and long-lasting coating, guaranteeing the long duration of the window.

Verniciatura serramenti
Verniciatura finestre

Protect your windows with T.Clean neutral detergent and T.Top + revival cover

Apply them at least once a year: they will surprise you.

The T.Clean neutral water-based detergent and the T.Top + water revival are the main allies of wooden windows against natural degradation. T.Clean is the ideal product to clean up smog products, various types of powders and even light oily sediments. T.Top + brings back brilliance and softness to the paint. Thanks to its exclusive composition, in a few minutes the revival cover penetrates the microfractures of the coating and repairs the damage caused by time. The “cicatrizing” oligomers of T.Top + nourish the paint, restoring its continuity and elastic capacities.

The effectiveness of these extraordinary products unfolds with minimal effort. Just apply T.Clean and T.Top + at least once a year, preferably in late spring, and the paint of your window immediately regains tone and liveliness. The results are more appreciable with two annual treatments (preferably in spring and autumn). For their special formulations T.Clean and T.Top + can also deposit on the glass surface. Indeed, the two products are easily removable with the supplied microfiber cloths and do not leave streaks.

Contact us for further details or if you wish to purchase the product.

Kit di protezione per serramenti in legno