Extruding wood. Sculpting the window profile.

After several studies, BG Legno has introduced an important technological innovation as standard, by eliminating the removable glass stopper and replacing it with a fixed part of the profile that allows to remove the use of the nail, improving its aesthetics, remove the use of clips, eliminating possible breakage of the glass camera. Moreover, this process has also greatly increased the anti-burglary level.

Technologically advanced machinery have introduced a processing that makes the profile of the frame more like a compact sculpture, without assembly, which brings to mind an impossible action: extruding the wood.

Thanks to this fundamental detail, more resitent and secure window frames are produced.

Serramenti in legno con fermavetro integrato

The integrated glazing bead revolution

The integrated blazing bead is an important technological innovation that has allowed the replacement of the removable glass stop with a fixed section of the profile, eliminating antiquated nails and clips, due to possible breakage of the camera glass, in order to improve aesthetics and greatly increase the level burglary.

BG Legno offers a wide range of solutions, in line with various house styles, thanks to the new system that allows you to vary the glazing bead profile in 5 different styles (Quadro, Old, Soft, Diamond and Rustic) with the possibility to choose profiles of different style between interior and exterior.

Profilo fermavetro