The ideal frame for your home horizon

Imagine a window which is protection without being a barrier,

whose minimal frame allows light to enter freely your house. Imagine the comfortable feeling of being home, protected and safe, experiencing the feeling of being at the same time inside and outside. We have applied to the B.Out model our research into aesthetic minimalism, leaving aside no essential feature of superior quality windows: safety, durability and protection. We do not want to put any limit on our desire to create comfort and innovation in your home through wooden frames capable of adapting to the needs of contemporary life. B.Out is available in the whole range of woods and lacquered colors.

Project Guidelines

The ideal windows for those who love the warmth of wood, with a minimal design.

A window of obvious minimalist inspiration that lets light pass through, thanks to the its frame with a reduced section and large glazing.

The seal protected glass virtually eliminates maintenance.

An innovative system allows a considerable increase in the resistance to biological and atmospheric attacks on the frame.

The painting of single components before assembly allows the painting treatment to penetrate the internal parts of the window, which are often the mainly attacked parts.

In practice, this system eliminates maintenance on our products and has a high ecological value thanks to the total absence of glue and formaldehyde.

Saint Gobain glasses, 28 mm thick, with high performances of thermal seal, acoustics, solar control and burglar-proof.

Swisspacer duct with warm edge, internal argon gas and low emission glass plate are standard, in order to guarantee excellent performance.

First class laminated wood under the PEFC and FSC certifications, from controlled deforestation.

Outer side in aluminium for a higher resistance against negative weather conditions and saltiness.

In order to increase the level of security and be protected against intruders, the Guardian Angel system is available with CR2 anti-burglary certification, compliant with the EN 1627-30 standard.

Painting treatments are made with high technology systems and first choice products, through the Green System philosophy, to ensure uniformity and the right amount of paint on each surface.

Standard 10 years guarantees on internal side in wood and on external side in aluminium.

Window certified for a level of noise reduction suitable for total in-house comfort.

Acoustic certification 41 and 46 dB.

Design and Use

  • Frame section 71 x 45 mm
  • Wood mobile door section 69 x 52 mm
  • Thickness of aluminium for door and frame: 13 mm

The contemporary design is underlined by the Squared glazing bead, which turns the building where it is placed safe, protected and comfortable, and creates a continuity with the environment.

Frame variants: Renovation and Classic.

Standard tilt-and-turn door with lever rod, anti-intrusion angular movement and microventilation opening.

On 2-door windows, lever rod as standard fitting.

Optional: possibility to increase the security of the window up to certified class 2.

Standard Multi Matic Maico hardware for tilt-door, lever rod, microventilation and first level anti-burglary system.

The hardware on opening doors works on the perimeter with an adjustable anti-burglary knob.

Optional: concealed hinge.

Available in the All Wood version only.

The French window version is equipped with a sill in thermal break aluminum with an effective anti-scratch treatment.

1 type of Standard central junctions is available.

Deventer seals in foamed TPE to guarantee over time the pressure for an optimal closure and to prevent alterations due to exposure to temperature changes, water, UV rays, ozone or polluted air.

2 seals on door perimeter and frame.

Maximum values of air permeability, water tightness and acoustic insulation for the higher classes required by the regulations in force.

Wood essences in laminated timber full row: Pine, Finger Joint Pine, Val di Fiemme Fir, Siberian Larch, European Durmast and Ash Tree.

Many special and lacquered colors are available.

For this window a version of aluminium exclusive for BG Legno is used, with “cianfrinati” edges.

Available in the Squared version.



Thermal insulation

UG Glass 1.0
Argon gas inside the chamber
Low emission glass plate
Swisspacer duct with warm edge



Glass thickness

28 mm



Frame section

71 x 45 mm




Certified 41 and 46 dB




Certified antiburglary



Coating warranty

Glazing Bead Types



Technical Details

Type of Standard central junction.
Width: 89 mm
We emphasize the minimal, linear and slender design of the central junction, a breakpoint in the field of window and door frames. Its reduced – although solid – section allows the creation of very bright windows.

Outer side
Seals with maximum values of air permeability and water tightness.
Aluminium side available in many variations.
Protective seal.
Height: 52 mm

Inner side
The internal lamellar structure guarantees greater resistance and durability.
High performance glass.
Acoustic and thermal protection.
Selected timber full list without knots.

Wood Essences and Finishing

Wood and Lacquered Colors
Aluminium Colors