An elegant window that protects your home

and help you save money: this is the philosophy guiding us in the Clima project. The window is an extremely important element in modern homes, when it comes to keeping heating and cooling costs under control. Choosing the right frame allows you to save up to 40% of total energy loss. Choosing this window for your home is the best guarantee for high energy efficiency, increased comfort with respect to correct lighting, reduction of irradiation, wind resistance, condensation and water permeability.

Designed for those who love the warmth of wood and its solidity.



Coating warranty

Coating treatments are made with high technology systems and first choice products, to ensure uniformity and the right amount of paint on each surface.



Thermal insulation UG Glass 1.0

Argon gas inside the chamber
Low emission glass plate
Swisspacer duct with warm edge


Glass thickness

40 mm
46 mm with double chamber



Certified 41 and 46 dB

Glazing Bead Types











Wood Essences and Finishes

Wood and Lacquered Colors