Minimal Wood

Imagine a window which is protection without being a barrier,

whose minimal frame allows light to enter freely your house. Imagine the comfortable feeling of being home, protected and safe, experiencing the feeling of being at the same time inside and outside. We have applied to the Minimal Wood model our research into aesthetic minimalism, leaving aside no essential feature of superior quality windows: safety, durability and protection. We do not want to put any limit on our desire to create comfort and innovation in your home through wooden frames capable of adapting to the needs of contemporary life. Minimal Wood is available in the whole range of woods and lacquered colors.

Minimal Wood: minimalist inspiration that allows light to pass through frames with a reduced section and large glazing.



Coating warranty

Coating treatments are made with high technology systems and first choice products, to ensure uniformity and the right amount of paint on each surface.



Thermal insulation UG Glass 1.0

Argon gas inside the chamber
Low emission glass plate
Swisspacer duct with warm edge



Glass thickness

28 mm



Certified 41 and 46 dB

Glazing Bead Types



Wood Essences and Finishes

Wood and Lacquered Colors