The most important Door in your house

The entrance door is by far the most important door of your home or your workplace, as it gives the guest the immediate impression of the style and value of the building.

Fine, resistant, safe

BG Legno produces wooden entrance doors and with a classic line, characterized by simple or double rustication and available in all the finishes of the BG Legno wood essence range.

The door should not only be beautiful but also durable and safe. For this reason it can be equipped with a Sicurtop safety lock with 5 locking points, which can be combined with an electric or an olive opening. Anti-breaking friction cylinder, optional.

Doors vary from 1 to 4 and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. They can be built in solid wood or alternated with glass sections. The design can be simple and linear, in a modern style, classic or rustic, with various levels of detail, to match any architectural requirement. Our sections are carefully chosen to guarantee total customer safety (sizes 68 × 105 or 68 × 140).

BG Legno doors are available in various types of wood. All made-to-measure products can also be designed upon customer request.