Our history comes from far away but looks to the future

The roots of our work date back to over fifty years ago, and have grown up with a strong artisan experience in wooden window production, constantly enriched by the wisdom of master carpenters.

In the early nineties the company was completely renovated and a constant process of growth and qualitative research began, in a contemporary perspective.

Subsequently, the company has continuously evolved with considerable investments to improve the quality of the products and bring production process to an advanced technological level, combining latest generation machinery with a purely artisanal care and control.

This evolution has allowed the achievement of extreme flexibility and competitiveness either for supplies to large and medium-sized companies and retailers, and aimed at restructuring and private construction.

We are proud of being a “100% Made in Italy” company, strongly rooted in an area where art and culture are combined with love and respect for the environment.

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A never ending love for an excellent raw material

Wood is synonymous with quality and has an intrinsic value for many processes, primarily for windows, where this vital and durable element can give a long life expectancy for the windows of your home.

We feel proud to use only carefully selected wood from FSC dedicated areas, responsibly managed sources, based on the greatest respect for the environment.

For this reason we produce only and exclusively superior quality wood and wood aluminium windows.