Magazzino legname

A production cycle between craftsmanship and innovation…

We strongly believe in technological innovation, although we do not forget our artisan roots, where eyes hands guide the choice and selection of materials, the great attention in guiding increasingly complex and delicate processes to have only one final result: a perfect window.

Every day experienced artisans and technologically advanced machines take turns in the production of frames that will be doomed to guarantee durability.

…where Men and machines coexist in harmony

Man’s hand is important, even when operating a machine, to check and care for the final product.

Each piece composing our frames has been selected, worked and checked before and after assembly in order to deliver a fundamental, robust and safe complement.

Una fase della lavorazione dei serramenti BG Legno

Ecological, ergonomic, safe

Among the many characteristics that a window must have, in order to become a BG Legno window, there are: respect for the environment where it is produced, ease of use, resistance and safety.

Our production process respects European ecological standards on waste recycling, and it is based almost entirely on natural raw materials and non-toxic paints. This leads to a production of doors and windows which are easy to use, resistant against the passing of time and weathering.

And perfectly safe.

Wood is in our name

Our name, BG Legno, immediataly suggests our quality and main specialization.

Its production process, wisely directed by our master craftsmen, its natural finishes, with non-toxic paints, make of wood our first interpreter.

BG Legno has been awarded the PEFC certification, which guarantees the origin of wood from forests managed in a sustainable manner.

We love wood. The only raw material capable of blooming.

Wood is an alive raw material, elastic, sensual and long lasting.

It is the only raw material in the world which can bloom, astonish and inebriate you with its warm grain and the palette of colours of its essence.