All the best of BG Legno, near your home

BG Legno has started the “Silver Point” project, a remarkeble joint effort among company management, staff and trade partners, to bring any aspect and value of the BG Legno windows and doors as close as possible to the final consumer.

It is the conclusion of a program started two years ago, and the beginning of a new road. With Silver Point, BG Legno opens a window on to its company, directly in each selected showroom, and creates a bi-directional communication channel between customers and company, through each trade partner.

In a Silver Point any technical and bureaucratic question (not only related to style) will find a simple and clear answer. The final consumer can find here a real professional consultancy service, based on partners constantly updated in their know-how, selected in the whole Italian territory, with a suitable knowlegde level for the high standards that we have set and can guarantee.

Windows are a key element for any home, and are a durable product. On the basis of these principles Silver Points have been conceived: a network of selected partners to guarantee the presence of the company near your home.

In a BG Legno Silver Point you will find:

  • A complete range of the BG Legno products
  • A top professional consultancy on technical and commercial levels
  • Clear and itemized warranty terms
  • Comprehensive technical assistance
  • Special care for the post-sale period
  • Clear and itemized offers, in each detail
  • Certified installation of the purchased products

Silver Point by BG Legno is not just another promise of quality or design. It is a real engagement before our customers, to remove the distance between producer and end consumer.

Our promise is, each time you step into a Silver Point, you will actually take a direct step into our company.

Samuel Olla

CEO BG Legno