Thanks to the anti-burglary closure mounted on all BG Legno windows, you can leave windows opened in security. When you leave for holidays you can leave your windows slightly opened, by moving the handle upwards one position, and the same security level of the closed window is guaranteed.
Among the most relevant, recent changes in the field of security, is a regulation related to the internal glass sheet of the window glazing structure, located above 100 cm above floor level. This regulation enforces that the internal glass sheet must meet a security standard: it must be either tempered or laminated glass, classified as far as impact resistance is concerned according to UNI EN 12600. If tempered glass, the minimum class is 1C3, and if laminated glass the minimum class is 2B2. Since June 2014 BG Legno has adapted its windows production to the European Regulation UNI 7697 of 2014 in the field of security, making glasses 33.1+chamber+4 a standard. This solution offers a higher level of security and noise protection.


Protect your home against cold and warm weather. If we consider energy saving, wooden windows equipped with the right glazing and hardware are a very good protection against heat dissipation and sun radiation. Windows and doors are a barrier between us and the outside world. They filter external light and temperature, and still they are the first element of heat dissipation. A superior quality window offers a shield against temperature range, so that higher comfort and energy saving are guaranteed.
The “thermal” window indicates the value of a house and is of great importance in modern buildings when talking about heating and cooling costs. Choosing the right window means saving up to 40% of the total energy dissipation. The Clima line is BG Legno’s best guarantee on a product with high energy efficiency, and it improves the Ambiente in terms of wellness, through correct lighting, sun radiation reduction, resistance against wind and condensation, impermeability against the rain.
Energy saving means spending less money for a lower heat dissipation, and environmental savings thanks to a lower negative impact on the environment. Since January 1st, 2012, the energy class of buildings must be stated on real estate ads. As a consequence, windows which reduce heat dissipation guarantee an additional value to the building, and improve its comfort.


Wooden windows offer the highest level of aesthetics on buildings. It can match the architectural style of any building. With low maintenance they always look like being brand new. With the painting process adopted by BG Legno, the maintenance level is extremely low, and life expectancy of a wooden window is the same of that of the building where it is installed, contrary to a PVC window, which cannot guarantee a long durability. With minimal care and some hints, a wooden window can last a very long time, and preserve its beauty.

BG Legno offers you:

  • 4 years warranty on painting of windows and doors, against painting peeling off, and air bubbles. Also for the 4-year standard painting cycle, Klima Proteck paintings are used, developed to last 10 years.
  • 5 years warranty on the functioning of windows and french-windows hardware, excluding the normal oxidation process.

Impact on environment

Wood produced through reforestation is the most ecological raw material, with the lowest impact on the environment. Wood life cycle ranges from 30 to 100 years. It is the only natural resource with such a quick life cycle. Forest exploitation has evolved dramatilcay over the last 10 years. Thanks to FSC and PEFC certifications a constant level of reforestation is guaranteed. Cut down trees are replaced with younger trees, which guarantee a higher oxigen production. During their life, trees fix carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen, and for this reason wood supply from reforestation is by far the most ecological method.
PVC and aluminium rerquire higher energy resources to be produced, and the other materials involved in windows manufactury demand higher energy consumption, leading to carbon dioxide production. The cycle of production at BG Legno’s complies with European standard regulation on waste recycling, and is based nearly entirely on the use of natural raw materials and non-toxic paints. The result is a practical door or window, resistent against the passing of time and weathering. As far as their disposal is concerned, wooden windows and doors are the most ecological and economical choice, as compared to (***) PVC windows and (***) aluminium windows.


The durability of a wooden window is the same of that of the building hosting it. Moreover, it takes just a little maintainance work and it will recover its brand new look. On the contrary, a PVC window will show unaesthetic signs and traces of decay after few years. On average, a wooden window lasts five times longer as a PVC window, and the additional value it brings on the building facade is beyond compare.

We offer a 5-year warranty on hardware and a 15-year warranty on windows painting, thanks to the World Wide cycle.

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