We can propose you various reason to invite you to choose BG Legno windows

  • Wide product range: you will find a various, complete product range of doors, window and frames, suitable to homes, offices, companies and any other building which requires good quality products and esthetic vaule.
  • Certificates which comply with the new European laws: all BG Legno products come with strict certificates which guarantee their quality.
  • Energy saving: Our doors and windows can guarantee good results in terms of excellent thermal insulation. This results in lower consumption when heating or cooling the house and enables you to save on energy consumption and is a contribution to protect our environment.
  • Customized production: At BG Legno, our long experience, expertize and flexibility makes it possible to project and produce starting from your needs.
  • Careful inspections: In the various production phases quality inspection is a priority to guarantee a perfect projects and products.
  • Tax rebates: In Italy, thanks to its features of thermal insulation, new doors and windows can allow customers to save on taxes, according to energi saving national laws.
  • Acoustics: Noise reduction is another priority at BG Legno, as it protects our privacy and health. We have achieved two acoustic certifications, either 41 and 46 db.


We invite you to visit our showroom at Campo Tizzoro and our company, to let you touch the quality of our products and the details of our working methods.