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Marcatura CE marking

B.G. S.r.l. exposes the CE marking and delivers the certificate of conformity according to UNI EN 1435-1 regulation in the field of (***) windows and UNI EN 13659 for external closures, in compliance with the European directive 89/106/CE about construction products.

The CE marking indicates that the product is suitable for use, as it complies with the essential requirements set by the European Directive. We completed the route to the CE marking by testing our product range in accredited laboratories, with very good performance results.

Acoustic certification

Since 2008 BG Legno obtained for its windows the 46db to 41db acoustic certification, one more reason to choose our products. You will be protected against any kind of noise pollution, and the comfort of your house and the quality of your life will improve.

logo-fscMarchio FSC®

ll marchio FSC® identifica i prodotti contenenti legno proveniente da foreste soggette a riforestazione secondo rigorosi standard ambientali ed ecologici. BG Legno ha aderito al programma FSC, per contribuire in maniera attiva alla protezione di boschi e foreste.

Certificazione Istituto Giordano