The rigorous design of Lumia

characterized by a linear design and a decidedly modern taste, it is the ideal solution for those who love the warmth and safety of wooden frames, and still prefer a minimalist design. The slender frame and the wide glazing let the light penetrate into the environment giving great brightness. Customizable in finishes, hardware, glass fittings and warranty extensions, Lumia is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a versatile and long-lasting frame. It is available in the whole range of wood essences and lacquered colors.

The right choice for those who love the warmth of wood with a minimalist design. The slander frame and the wide glazing. The slender frame and the wide glazing bring great brightness to your house.



Coating warranty

Coating treatments are made with high technology systems and first choice products, to ensure uniformity and the right amount of paint on each surface.



Thermal insulation UG Glass 1.0

Argon gas inside the chamber
Low emission glass plate
Swisspacer duct with warm edge


Glass thickness

28 mm



Certified 41 and 46 dB

Glazing Bead Types











Wood Essences and Finishes

Wood and Lacquered Colors