Classical beauty, contemporary soul

The design of this window embodies the nineteenth century style

blending smoothness and roundness of the single parts with linear and geometric shapes. Its traditional style looks forward to the present, providing efficient performance according to the various needs of modern homes, ideal for Old Town buildings. Romantica has an integrated glazing support, which makes it much more resistant to weather and burglary. Available in the version Rustic, which is characterized by small classic grooves. The frame can be individually customized inside as well as outside in order to adapt to historic façades and special exterior surfaces. Indoors, the aesthetics of the living space can be perfectly matched

Finestra linea Romantica a un'anta in versione quadrata

Project Guidelines

Designed for those who love the warmth and strength of wood.
Due to an important technological innovation the removable glazing support has been replaced by a permanent part of the profile. No old-fashioned nails and clips anymore – often cause of broken glass – but better look and enormously increased burglary resistance.
A unique system allows a significant increase in the window’s resistance to biological and atmospheric factors. The single components are painted before assembly, allowing the paint to easily penetrate the internal parts of the window, where weak points most likely could be an issue. This method has a high ecological value, since no adhesives or formaldehyde are used.
Saint Gobain Glass thickness 28 mm of the highest quality in terms of thermal and sound insulation, sun protection and burglary resistance.

Warm edge Swisspacer with argon between the insulating glass as a standard to guarantee outstanding quality.

Blinds can be installed between the panes.

Glulam first choice with PEFC and FSC label from sustainable forest management.

To increase the security level and to prevent intruders, the Guardian Angel system with burglary resistance class RC2 is available, complies with the EN 1627-30 standard.

The paintwork is carried out with high technology systems and Renner products – market leader in the production of Green System colours
– to ensure the uniform and exact amount of colour on each frame.

7-year standard Warranty with worldwide extension to 15 years after special treatment.

Windows tested for noise reduction for optimum well-being in the rooms.

Certified sound insulation 41 and 46 dB, Rw until 46 dB.

Design and Use

  • Frame section 69 x 70 mm

Frame variants: Renovation and Classic.

Tilt and turn window with lever rod, angular anti-burglary movement and ventilation scissors for micro-ventilation as standard.

Double-sash window equipped with lever rod as standard.

Optional: possibility to increase security to burglary resistance class RC 2.

Fittings Maico Multi Matic for tilt and turn window, lever rod, micro ventilation and burglary resistance RC 1 as standard. The fittings around the opening casement work with an adjustable, burglary-proof mushroom head locking pin.

Optional: concealed hinge.

There are 3 types of bottom beads for different aesthetic and structural needs: Solid Wood, Classico and Drain Channel “SV”. In the terrace door version, a heat-insulated aluminium threshold with effective scratch protection treatment is installed.
There are 2 types of middle sections for different aesthetic requirements: Entrata 0 and Storica Entrata 0.
Deventer Weather Seals are made of foamed TPE, which permanently provides the pressure needed for optimal sealing and withstands temperature
variations, water, UV rays, ozone and air pollution. Maximum levels of air and water tightness and sound insulation for the highest standards of current regulations.

Optional: third seal on casement perimeter.

Glued laminated timber: whole lath: Pine, Finger Joint Pine, Fiemme Valley Fir, Siberian Larch, European Oak and Ash.

Many special colours and paints available.

Romantica uses the integrated glazing support for more safety and durability. Available: Rustic.
Glazing support: Rustic + Rustic.


Thermal insulation

UG Glass 1.0
Argon gas inside the chamber
Low emission glass plate
Swisspacer duct with warm edge



Glass thickness

28 mm



Frame section

69 x 70 mm




Certified 41 and 46 dB




Certified antiburglary



Coating warranty

Glazing Bead Types





Technical Details

Wooden bar integrated outside.
Warm edge Swisspacer.
Width: 116 mm

Outer side
Seal with maximum levels of air and water tightness.
Wood whole lath.
Knotless choice.
Height: 70 mm

Inner side
The inner lamellar structure guarantees higher resistance and durability.
High performance glass.
Acoustic and thermal insulation.
Protezione acustica e termica.

Wood Essences and Finishing

Wood and Lacquered Colors